Working with others towards similar goals is a fantastic way to maintain a sense of normalcy in the midst of personal trials. We move forward when our peers hold us accountable to change!  We are encouraged and inspired when others we have supported make progress.

You alone maintain control of what you want to share with the others based on your level of comfort. A confidentiality agreement will be signed by group members to not share any information about other members outside the group. If attending via on-line, there will be an option to remain visually anonymous.

Small therapy groups are not only a cost-effective way to meet personal growth goals, we blossom with the support of others.

 The key to a successful group lies in having well-matched clients paired with an effective leader, a priority at The Normal Me.

Requests for Group Therapy can be submitted after completing the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

Decisions to offer group therapy will be made on a case by case basis as group spots become available.
Referrals to sub-specialists will be made if it is felt that it would be more appropriate to meet your unique needs.

Can I request private individual counseling too?   Absolutely yes!  

Many clients utilize multiple levels of services simultaneously to meet their unique needs.