A quality comprehensive evaluation not only takes time, it requires experience, acumen and insight.  Often, things under the surface wreck havoc with our sense of peace and block us from feeling normal. Things that can be easily missed during “quick” visits.

Dr. Karen Smith DNP provides a 75 min assessment which includes a complete medical-psychiatric history, family history, social history, and review of the current and past emotional and mental issues in a way that will get to the heart of the issues!

Initial diagnosis and treatment recommendations will be provided.

Do I need to have a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation to attend a workshop or seminar?
The best part of The Normal Me is that we welcome ANYONE to join these programs as they are offered.

What happens after the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation?
Together, we can determine what treatment plan will work best for you. Maybe one comprehensive session was all you really needed. We may discover that your needs might be met perfectly by a series of workshops. You may be a better fit for ongoing individual private sessions or with small group counseling. You might benefit from Life Coaching.  Or maybe you just need interval medical management.
The key is that at The Normal Me, one size does not fit all!

What do I do if I already have a mental health provider and I just want a second opinion on medications? 
Psychiatric Medication Consultation.

I already know that I want to have a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.
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