Medications can be an important component of mental health recovery. Several services are available.

The Psychiatric Medication Consultation is perfect for clients who can provide a copy of prior mental health records and/or coordinate contact with a current mental health provider prior to the visit. This option is open to those:

  • Already seeing a psychiatric specialist BUT interested in a (one-time) second opinion on your psychiatric medication/treatment regime.*


  • Already seeing a therapist or psychologist BUT interested in medication management by Dr. Smith.*

The Psychiatric Medication Management appointments are only open to clients accepted on Dr. Smith’s client panel. Attendance at a workshop does not establish you as a client. You must complete the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation first.

Not all clients need medications.

Per Normal Me Practice Policy, substance users and chronic opiate users will be referred to the well established community resources for assistance in sobriety. Drug screening may be required.

If you think you may need medication but have never seen a psychiatric specialist, your first step is to contact me to request a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

Normal Me Practice Policies

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