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Dr. Karen is unable to accept new clients at this time.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation - Open to All
A quality comprehensive evaluation not only takes time, it requires experience, acumen and insight.
Dr. Karen Smith DNP provides a 75 min assessment which includes a complete medical-psychiatric history, family history, social history, and review of the current and past emotional and mental issues in a way that will get to the heart of the issues!
Initial diagnosis and treatment recommendations will be provided.
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Individual Counseling
Private sessions provide you with the opportunity to break the emotional chains that are holding you back from living life to the fullest. To inspire you to believe in yourself again.
You can begin private counseling AFTER the completion of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.
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Psychiatric Med Management - Once accepted as client.
Sometimes counseling is not enough.  At Normal Me, we also believe that medication alone is not enough either.
The Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation will determine your eligibility for Dr. Smith’s client panel.
I reserve the right to not accept or provide pharmacotherapy to clients on chronic opiates or actively abusing substances or alcohol that require DUAL therapy, not offered at The Normal Me. Drug testing may be required.  Substance users will be referred to the well established community resources for assistance in sobriety.
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Group Sessions
Small group sessions are not just a cost-effective way to meet personal growth goals, we blossom with the support of others. The key to a successful group is having well-matched clients paired with an effective leader, a priority at The Normal Me.
You can begin Group Sessions AFTER the completion of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation subject to the availability of an appropriate spot.
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Workshops - Series on Specific Topics - Typically 4 sessions - Open to All
Workshops are  designed for those who have clearly defined issues and are looking for education and guidance in a specific area.  You do not have to be a client of Dr. Smith to attend. Workshops typically run 4 weeks of 1 hour session each.
Workshops Offered 
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Seminars - Full day events - Open to All
Wishful thinking in the time of CoVid. For now, the seminars are on hold, but please let us know if you might be interested in attending a full day “The Normal Me” event in the future so your name can be added to our mailing list. It will feature the keynote presentation, “Am I Crazy?” followed by our most popular “Feeling Normal” workshops.
If you are interested in hosting a seminar for your group or corporation , please contact me.
Psychiatric Medication Consultations - If appropriate.
The Psychiatric Medication Consultation is perfect for clients who can provide a copy of prior mental health records and/or coordinate contact with a current mental health provider prior to the visit. This option is open to those:
  • Already seeing a psychiatric specialist BUT interested in a (one-time) second opinion on your psychiatric medication/treatment regime.
  • Already seeing a therapist or psychologist BUT interested in medication management by Dr. Smith.
    Drug testing may be required. Active substance abusers will be referred to the well established community resources for assistance in sobriety.
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Life Coaching
Life Coaching is perfect for those of you who are just looking for help negotiating new or ongoing life or relationship issues.
Whatever you are struggling with, let me help you find your normal me again! Please sign up for the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation to start the process.

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