My mission is to improve lives of hurting, overwhelmed people who have lost a sense of feeling normal.


For some that means learning to enjoy life again or to find the emotional space to relax. For others it means being pulled from a deep pit where they feel trapped, stuck, and helpless.

You may not feel ready to face things that are holding you back from finding wholeness, peace, freedom and life satisfaction. But there is a path to healing.

I am a teacher at heart, aged with insight that comes from the challenges of life. Let me me walk with you as your counselor and guide, together, safe and secure, in the journey to find your normal me again.

About Dr. Karen Smith, DNP

As a Board Certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Karen is able to work with clients of all ages; including children, teens, adults, and geriatrics.

Experienced in psychiatric medical management, Karen prefers to minimize the use of medications and maximize insight to effect change. The goal is to get well, and sometimes that requires long term medications.

Who is Karen’s normal me?

I am a daughter, mom, nana, spouse, friend, co-worker, elder care-giver, and neighbor. I can identify with struggles in life that come to all of us.

My Christian faith has played an important role in my life. I feel comfortable addressing spirituality issues if asked but am here to serve anyone who needs help.

Uniquely prepared to help you find your normal me!